Catch up!

So I haven’t posted recently.  Sorry about that.  Truth is, I haven’t made anything too marvelous lately.  Plus I am getting pretty tired of vegetables.

Here is the box o’ vegetables from two weeks ago.  Look at this bountiful harvest…


The cucumbers didn’t last 5 minutes out of the box.  I sliced those up and ate them with a little salt.

I made more beet chips from the beets.  I used the mandolin slicer, and took a nice slice into my pointer finger (which, coincidentally was my second finger cut in as many days), so I purchased those no-cut gloves.  I have since used them, and I can’t say I have had a close call that has warranted the purchase, but at least I can cut with confidence.  The funny thing is that I don’t really actually eat the chips though.  Maybe I should take them into work or something.

The weekend after the box arrived I had some friends over for a seafood boil, which found a home for the sweet corn and the potatoes.  The best way to make sweet corn is to grill it, husk on.  I find it best to soak it first in water to make sure it doesn’t dry out.


Really, only the potatoes are in here, but I thought I made a pretty good mess of food, so, humble brag.

Then lastly, I made pickled banana peppers.  it was a pretty easy recipe, although I had a “burning nose” situation.  Basically, most of the peppers were normal, non-spicy peppers, but there were a couple spicy ones in there.  Not knowing this, I was not very careful, and scratched my nose a little.  Oh the burn.  Here are some pics.




That’s it for this post.  I have a few recipes I am trying in the next few days, so the posts will pic up a little more.


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